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DropStop® test winner

In August 2013, Danish daily Politiken tested eight different bottle pourers. DropStop® was the only one to achieve top marks.

Eight different brands were included in Politiken's test on 31 August 2013, and the parameters were user-friendliness, ease of pouring and sealing in all types of bottles.

The two presiding judges both teach catering and restaurant service at the Copenhagen Hospitality College, and they rated the pourers on a scale of one to six.

DropStop® was the only one to score a top-mark six. In particular, the judges noted that the DropStop® pourer does a fine job of pouring the wine, it fits into all types of bottles and it is easy to clean. Furthermore, they found the design timeless and elegant.

NOVO – DropStop® Tudo-em-um

A nova etiqueta para gargalo é uma óptima forma de incorporar o Dropstop® numa campanha em garrafas.

O Dropstop® é integrado no “gargalo” por perfuração simples. Rasgue o Dropstop® e utilize-o para servir o vinho!

Ao escolher a nova etiqueta para gargalo Dropstop® para a sua próxima campanha em garrafas, poupa na despesa de embalagem, maximizando o aspecto da sua mensagem de logótipo ou de marketing no Dropstop disc®.

A nova etiqueta para gargalo Dropstop® está disponível agora.

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We are not participating in exhibitions in 2014, but will be back in 2015 with new exciting initiatives.

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